Message 5 / Day 5 October 20

Today was a much slower day. We had fewer patients and we’re surmising we must have seen most of them! It did provide more opportunity to spend time with those who came. The jist of the story never changes but the specifics are what pull your heart strings. After seeing over 500 individuals in the past 4 days, we are still amazed at the human spirit. People are resilient and hopeful, even in a barren land.


We were visited by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and an entourage of reporters. He spent about two hours visiting the various tents.

Besides our medical team, the Red Cross has two vans that serve a hot breakfast and lunch everyday. The people then sit at ugly plywood tables on plastic folding chairs to eat. They swap stories with each other and occasionally you’ll hear a screech and see two people running toward each other, then embracing, as they have found a lost family member or friend.

There is also a tent where a lady provides free haircuts, donations accepted. She has two children that spend the day in the parking lot. There are various insurance companies that have trailers set up, the Billy Graham organization has a tent set next to a food line where people pick items and carry them away in boxes. There is a bottled water distribution area and a refrigerated truck passing out ice. Of course, FEMA has a large tent, as does the Red Cross.

Today, we finally had an IT person show up, set up a satellite dish and, voila, we have internet. We’re glad to be able to share with you. We’ll send many more photos as we keep our promise to our patients to share their story. Thank you for your prayers and support. We have definitely felt them.

Tomorrow we go to Metairie, a little northwest of New Orleans, another adventure.