Message 6 / Day 6 October 21

Our final day of medical care.

We drove to Meterie, a town northeast of New Orleans. The devastation seemed much less as we drove to the sight in the parking lot of Celebration Church. There was a food line, clothes distribution, food distribution, a marriage counseling tent, as well as our clinic. It was a very light day as far as our past experience, only 92 patients. There were more children and younger families with less critical medical issues. Some had been able to return home and start the process of repair and rebuild. Others are still displaced.

Because it was so light, we closed up at 5 pm, drove to the French Quarter in New Orleans and had a wonderful dinner, sharing stories and bonding even more. We were so engaged we lost track of the time. Curfew had set in and we prayed as we drove back to St Bernard Parish that we would be allowed past the checkpoint. It was dark and we were one of three cars on the road in to the parish. Driving through the dark, heavily debried neighborhood was sad and eerie. We mourned for the displaced families and their future.

We leave knowing we did a great job, knowing in our hearts we loved our patients and served them well. We leave with heavy hearts but with a firm conviction that God has a plan for every person and is in the process of working it out. He truly loves his creations.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us through this week. You have truly been a part of this adventure and we look forward to sharing when we return.

PS: We are going to attempt to see part of the devastation in Mississippi tomorrow morning.