Message 4

Day 4: Wednesday: Today we were in St. Bernard's at the same Wal-Mart parking lot where the first 3 teams spent most of their time. We saw a lot more patients here than we'd been seeing in Metairie: 112 patients and 100 shots all told!!! We also saw more complicated issues today than we'd been seeing in Metairie: upper respiratory infections, skin irritations, people who had been working in their homes who had foreign objects stuck in their hands, their feet, and even in their eyes. These people had been trying to re-enter their homes to salvage or try to do some cleaning.

We also encountered a great deal of anxiousness today in the patients who came to the clinic. Many were given anti-depressants, including children who were very depressed about what had happened to them. Janet talked with a law enforcement official today, a very large man, who just broke down in tears and cried. It seems that she was the first person he'd permitted himself to talk with about what had happened.

After we finished with clinic for the day, a patient really wanted to take us out into his neighborhood and show us his home so that we'd know what it was like. It was, of course, indescribable. He even had a sailboat sitting on top of his roof.