Day 2

PictureThis morning we rose to the loud sounds of goats at 7am, one reminder that we were not in California anymore! The orphanage has many other animals from horses to chickens to turtles that we get to see and occasionally feed or pet.

We began the morning hiking up to the top of camp from which you can see the whole valley and even the Pacific Ocean. There we spent some time with God, reading & journaling getting ready for the day.

PictureFrom there we split up into 4 teams; construction, weeding, landscaping and digging.The students did an amazing job with all the work projects and really helped the orphanage with various tasks. Some projects included shoveling horse manure while others included demolishing the inside of a house. We planted flowers, picked up weeds and many ladies sang the entire time! It was great.

PicturePictureThe afternoon allowed for some students to play soccer against the locals. We played two 45 minute games. First against a girls team and then against an amazing guys’ team. It was very humbling as we were destroyed, but so much fun!

PictureIf not playing soccer, students got the opportunity to hang out with the kids out on the playground or help with the cooking of dinner. Tonight we cooked for the entire camp which was around 200+ people. We did ‘breakfast for dinner’ and were able to serve the kids and staff which was a treat.

            PictureIt was also one of our student’s 11th birthday today, Ilana, so we were able to celebrate her b-day with cake & hot cocoa out by the campfire in the late evening. We finishing off the day around the fire sharing stories of where we see God working in us and through us to love others. The students are doing great, working hard, and experiencing God in so many different ways, each unique to themselves. Picture