Day 3

PictureAnother beautiful day at the Door of Faith Orphanage. Thanks for all the prayers; everyone is doing great and in amazing spirits. Praise Jesus, we are all feeling well and sleeping good each night!

PictureToday some students filled about 400 Easter eggs while others cut hundreds of paper bags to make bunny rabbits for the kids. During this time the guys were sent to continue digging a trench and removing wood from one area to another designated area. They had a blast and worked super hard.

PictureThis afternoon we played with the children, did some crafts together and were able to spend time with them until dinner. It was a good day of sidewalk chalk, face paint, basketball, and anything else one could do on a playground.

PictureWhile the kids were at dinner our students hid all the Easter eggs and when dinner let out, the kids came running! It was such a fun time to see all the kids so happy and excited to search for eggs.

PictureWe ended our evening again like last night around the camp fire with a guitar, some singing, and some great conversation. God is at work here and in your students. To Him be all the glory for this trip and what is going on in our hearts and minds.




Picture Picture