Day 4

PictureThis morning we got to experience something completely different than what we had been doing the previous days. We headed out into ‘town’ and hooked up with some people from a local church.

PictureWe were able to assist the church members by bringing Trader Joe’s bags full of food to families in the community. The students had prepared the bags yesterday by putting various items inside. Rice, beans, Canola oil, potatoes, ect. filled the bags and filled the hearts of the families we brought the bags to. We were also able to pray for each family that received a bag and all the families expressed such joy and gratefulness toward this small act of love.

PictureAs soon as the students returned back to the orphanage they couldn’t wait to play with the kids down at the playground. It has been amazing to see all the students jump in and love these kids here. Even with a language barrier, our students found ways to communicate God’s love to all the kids here.

PictureIt was hard for many of the students to say goodbye this evening to their new friends they made here this week, but many have already discussed how they can continue to show God’s love to these kids even when they return home to Menlo Park.

PictureWe are getting up bright and early tomorrow – 5:30am! So if your son/daughter is exhausted when you see them you’ll know why.

PicturePraise God for every detail of this trip and continue to pray for safe travels as we return tomorrow afternoon.

PictureSee you in California…