Home: Safe & Sound!

Crossing the boarder was extremely easy, buy saying good bye to all the kids we met was not as easy. We all made friends in Mexico and showed God’s love in various ways throughout the week.

Being on this trip taught all of us something about the character of God and how much He loves us. Students had the chance to show God’s love to others all week through planting flowers, demo’ing a building, passing out food in the community, hugging kids, playing soccer against other kids, and simply just being present at the Door of Faith Orphanage.

The students on this adventure grew closer to Jesus, to each other, and to us as the staff.
It was very encouraging to watch your sons/daughters work hard, play hard, and help out wherever needed with no complaining.

A final word to the ZOOM students:

  • Continue to pray for the Door of Faith Orphanage when you think of it and get creative in ways of how you can support the kids there even from far away.
  • At the same time, remember to love your friends and neighbors here in the States! (Even when it is not as easy as you would like) Lets be a community that shows God’s love to each other!
  • Finally… Continue to “Pay Attention” –To what God wants to teach you, to what He is trying to show you in your daily life and to who may need your friendship & love.

Great trip everyone! We are so thankful you were all on the trip with us!
-M3 Team