What a great start! After a fortifying breakfast of scrambled eggs we made our way to Iglesia Vino y Aciete. After a brief time of setup and prayer, we began to see patients. There was a great deal of enthusiasm not only amongst our team but from our host team as well (approx 30+ people). Patients got vitals, spoke with nurses and doctors and made their way to the pharmacy for medications when needed. Next to the pharmacy was the prayer/evangelism room where nearly ALL of the non-believing patients accepted Christ (half of the patients were already believers). We shared the Gospel using adult and children's EvageCubes. What a great, tactile tool. Oralia did a superb job with Public Health Teaching, focusing on diet, diet and diet.

After a full day of service, which included a gourmet lunch made by the women of the church, we returned to the team center for hot showers and more good food. There was even a health match of watermelon seed spitting...women RULE!

Curt had the rich privilege of introducing Jesus to Alberto, a 10 year old boy using the EvangeCube! Praise God that Alberto chose to make a decision for Jesus today.Another sweet time of prayer was with Oscar, Burt and a sweet lady with cancer...Praise the Lord that we can come to Him for healing prayer.