Saturday was another day that was blessed by the Lord. Oscar lead our morning devotionals, we enjoyed another delicious breakfast and then headed back to Vino y Aceite for our second day at the medical clinic. Again we were greeted by such wonderful hospitality; the church was spotless, the church volunteers were ready to go with smiles on their faces to help us and the local community. The Big Yellow Bus drove down to the bottom of the hill to pick up more locals so they could be blessed by the church, hear the Gospel and receive some medical care. Oralia did one-on-one public health teaching to those who needed it, people got prayed for, medical needs were cared for, worms treated, hugs and smiles given and we had another fantastic lunch served to us by the women of the church!

We then headed back to the ranch where we Larry greeted us with a BBQ full of delicious meat for our team and some of the members of Vino y Aceite. Again we broke bread with our brothers and sisters in Christ and shared stories from our two days of service. We were stuffed!

What a blessing to serve with so many wonderful people! Pastor Ariel and his wide open heart, Doctora Maria Ochoa who not only saw numerous patients but helped the clinic to run so smoothly, Burt, our fearless leader, who also saw numerous patient, but planned, prayed and led, Panchito who put every ones needs above his own, Mimi and Sally who meticulously prepared all of the medications, Christine and Marliee our other team doctors who cared for and prayed for patients, Karen, Joyce and Beth who took vitals, patient histories and offered more prayers, Oralia who did much needed public health education focusing on health eating and diet, Oscar, Curt and Frank who prayed fervently, met the needs of all members and made sure that we were well hydrated and last, but not least, Larry who chauffeured us, shopped for us and cooked for us, not to mention the countless others who helped, served and prayed for the weekend.We were privileged to be part of such a unique team!