Sunday started off early with a 5:30 am wake up call so our three cars and 6 team members to drive our cars across the border to prevent a super duper long border crossing later in the day. After crossing the border, we left our two rental cars and walked back into Tecate to join our team for church and lunch. Larry (aka Lorenzo) had his own car with us in Tecate and graciously drove our unused medications back home so that we would have a lighter load when flying home. Praise the Lord, we made it across the border without a hitch...and in approximately 30 minutes! Our border crossing crew of 6 (lead by Panchito) then had a fabulous breakfast of Huevos Rancheros and cake to celebrate Panchito's birthday!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the rest of the team spent a fantastic morning in devotionals and prayer. We all met up for church at Vino y Aciete at 10:00 am for a fabulous worship service lead by Pastor Ariel. After some praise in worship (lead by some of Pastor Ariel's sons), we were able to share our favorite verses, sing a few speceially prepared songs and a few team members shared their testimonies. We also spent a lot of time in prayer and fellowship with our friends at the church. We came to help serve the church and in return we were blessed and loved.

After church we all hopped on the Big Yellow Bus and were driven back to the border where we enjoyed some authentic tacos y quesadillas with Panchito and his family and a few other members of the church (we were stuffed)! After a quick shopping trip around the town square, our adventure continued...we walked across the border! As we walked through the US boarder crossing, we noticed that the line for the cars to cross the border was unbelievably long! Praise the Lord that were were able to drive our cars across early, because what could have taken at least 3 hours, only took us about 3 minutes. We then piled into our vans, drove back to San Diego and flew back to San Jose.

We had an amazing trip serving the Lord with the wonderful people at Vino y Aciete church. Approximately 150 people were seen in the medical clinic and a huge number of people met the Lord for the first time! During our drive back to San Diego, we all discussed how we can learn from our brothers and sisters at Vino y Aciete- how to serve wholeheartedly, how to pray fervently and love unconditionally. We came to serve others, but were served and blessed above and beyond.

Thank you for your prayers and support! A Dios le bendiga!