June 23 - 29, 2012

    . . . bringing hope to Baja's forgotten children

    It began one morning in the fall of 2004, as CasaBuilders founder and MPPC member Ken LaPoint was studying his Bible and praying. “As I poured out my heart to God about my desire to give fatherless, family-less children in Mexico a real hope and a real future, He poured out his vision,” says Ken. God’s vision was of a new facility to be built in Mexico. It would be a place these children could always call “home,” a place where there is family, hope, and a future. It would be a place where children would know how special they are and how much they are loved.

    As Ken continued to write in his prayer journal, God continued to show him this vision.  This place would be in the mountains, with room to grow, to play, to explore, to raise food and raise animals. It would also have a place for visitors – both visitors from Mexico, as well as from the United States – to come and make an “investment” in the lives of needy Mexican children. God showed Ken that it would be a place with dormitories, kitchens, a laundry, restrooms with showers, an education center, staff quarters, a large multipurpose room, a large grassy play field,  a barn, a vocational training workshop, an outdoor amphitheater, places to ride bikes, hike, and ride horses. But, most of all, it would be a place that God Himself would want to call “Mi Casa.” It would be a place where He gets all the glory, honor and praise.

    In July of 2006, after many more months of continually committing this vision to prayer and seeking God’s direction, CasaBuilders was given a beautiful 5-acre parcel of land in the middle of a large rancho, at the base of the mountains near Tecate. This peaceful, secluded, hillside setting, just west of town, was the perfect location for the MI CASA Children’s Home!

    Since July of 2006, volunteer teams, from schools and churches in the United States, have been diligently constructing the visitor’s center, which can now house newly arriving teams and leaders. With the visitors center recently completed, work has begun on the facilities that will actually house the children of Baja. Last year, a team from MPPC spent a week in Tecate working on the first housing unit. This year’s team, made up of eleven families and three individuals, will be continuing work on the housing units, of which there will ultimately be six. Each of the six housing units will contain three bedrooms and three bathrooms and will accommodate 12 children and one house manager.