Day 1

Having arrived safely last night at our destination of Managua, Nicaragua, we enjoyed introductions to our gracious hosts, Kathy and Halle, and Amanda and Thomas.

We awoke this morning to heavy rains, but they soon subsided and we toured the El Salero property which currently contains a basketball court, a ranchon with a kitchen under construction, and the beginnings of a volleyball court.

Amanda and Halle led us on a trip into Managua to visit historical sites such as the Parque de la Paz and we got some background of the political history of the country. Some of the team got a birds-eye view of the area by taking a zipline across the lush canopy.

Upon returning to our home base, the sun had dried up the grounds enough to set us off to work – laying a stone wall around the volleyball court, digging up tree roots near the basketball court, and painting fence poles and poles for a swingset. It was fun to see some of the locals enjoying a game of basketball (still a relatively new sport here), as well as children coming by to play tag and get piggy-back rides. Not to mention our teammates wrestling with full wheelbarrows, shovels and even a hatchet!

We were reminded by our team leader Mark this morning of Psalm 118:1: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. We are so grateful to be here and thankful for this opportunity to spread his generous, enduring love.