Day 2

This morning we awoke early to the sound of rooster’s crowing, and looked out the window to clear blue skies. The group was up and dressed ready to go to church, but not without a delicious breakfast including Kathycake (Kathy’s special recipe for coffee cake, delicious!!).

We caravanned to Kathy and Halle’s home church where we fellowshipped with the other missionary families there. Next, our group moved onto a different type of service called Verbo. Here, Amanda wanted to show us worship “Nica” style. And what a different style it is! Completely in Spanish, the band was lively, with people’s hands raised and clapping, and dancing in the aisles. Those of us who knew Spanish attempted to sing along with the fast tempo, and all enjoyed the congregation’s obvious devotion for Jesus.

After church we took a trip to the local mall for lunch, and soon after headed to the field for a fierce game of ultimate Frisbee. After a few games, we were unable to stand the heat, and refreshed ourselves in a friend’s pool.

After a great day of rest, we are ready and looking forward to the week of hard work that is ahead!