Day 3

After our Sabbath Rest (why am I so tired?), and after another delicious breakfast (bacon, Nica Toast, coffee, and juice, and after Kelsey’s Psalm 4 based devotional, we went back to the projects begun on Saturday. We finished the curb (“the wall”) around the volleyball court, moved dirt from here to there in wheelbarrows to manage water drainage, cleared weeds and brush with machetes, and changed earth contours with picks and shovels. All this in the hot but strangely comfortable Nicaraguan sun with a backdrop of friendly Nicaraguan children playing amongst the workers. Manual labor makes us feel satisfied with our simple contributions and appreciative of simple pleasures -- stopping for a water break, stopping for lunch on the veranda, stopping to watch a funeral procession (a pickup truck carrying a coffin followed by fifty or so neatly dressed silent, solemn marchers), and appreciating the beauty of God’s creation. Did I mention warm showers? After work a few of our young folks (including Greg) joined the local youth for a basketball game. The rest of us practiced operating the variety of hammocks and swinging chairs on the veranda. Life is good. God is good.