Day 4

Though today was not nearly as hot as yesterday, some of our team could unfortunately still feel the heat of yesterday's sun radiating off our crispy red skin.

The men and Vebeka made good progress on laying the foundation for a classroom/ballroom next to El Salero's basketball court, while the rest of the ladies battled through root, rock and soil to make room for a wall around the baseball field.

Meals were spectacular as usual, and timely refreshments throughout our day. For desayuno we ate sticky buns, cereal and fruit, almuerzo was sandwiches, spaghetti and more fruit, and sena was a tasty bbqed chicken. Kathy takes care of us!

Today was a national holiday commemorating when the sandinista party kicked out the samosa dictatorship...which affected us because a couple of friendly, talkative neighbors, resting from their work for the day, joined us on the wall to charlar(chat) and extraer(dig). It was great to connect with some of the locals, practice our spanglish and also to let them feel some ownership and responsibility for El Salero.



When 5:00 rolled around, we were spent, so no basketball tonight!