Day 5

As I break from the group to record the day’s events, I am calmed by the gentle sound of rain, cool wandering breeze and familiar voices echoing down the hall, trying to decide which game to play tonight.

In this moment of reflection I could write about all the work completed today - about the early wake up call and the used clothing sale where we sold (affordably) approximately 400 items, including clothes, shoes, linens and towels (almost all of which was contributed by friends and family in the US). I could tell you about more digging and cement mixing, and moving giant 150 lb. blocks and playing soccer with school children, but that would not begin to encapsulate our experience thus far.

Throughout the course of our journey, our team has blended into a family, one filled with jokes, quirks, laughs, helping hands, wake-up callers, cut cleaners, photographers, dish washers, and virtually every other component of a family. We each contribute something valuable and different and find satisfaction and joy in doing so. I may not recall the stubborn stump in my ditch, but I will long remember the faces of those with whom I serve.

Vebeka reminded us in our devotion this morning that God’s work should be a delight, not a chore. As Henri Nouwen insists, "God's will for your life is where your passion meets the world's need." We look forward to living out our passions here in Nicaragua for the rest of the week.