Day 7

As 10:30 rolls around, the final game of “Bones” is close to its end, the last few brownie squares have disappeared, and we reluctantly begin to pack our bags to return to the States tomorrow.

After the long work week, we were thrilled to spend our final two days in a small beach town approximately two hours away named, San Juan del Sur. Everyone appreciated the time to rest and reflect on the week’s activities. We all played in the warm ocean water, body surfing on the waves all afternoon and cooling off with cold cokes afterwards.

Tonight is an evening filled with a spectrum of emotion. There is sadness in knowing that we will not see our hosts or teammates tomorrow evening or the next, but joy in reuniting with our own immediate families. As we discussed our experiences as a group this morning, Chris talked about how breaking away from this group will be much like losing foster children.

While we will not be physically together, I am confidant that the memories created on this journey are well pressed into each of our minds and will remain with us as we return to our own homes and responsibilities.