During our trip, we will be working in Managua, Nicaragua, the poorest country in Latin America and the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere. We will be helping to build a (Christian Sport Center (el Salero)) in one of the neighborhoods in Managua.. We will be working side by side with the locals as we do some construction, play sports and share God’s love. We are ready to play and work hard and to share God's love to many youth who have rarely seen His love put into action. We will be in Nicaragua from July 15- July 24.

Amanda Van Deman along with Halle and Kathy August are the ones who have undertaken this amazing building project. They have purchased 5 acres of land just outside the Managua city limits with the idea of developing it into a Christian sports center. They have been working with various teams and have recently put in a basketball court, volleyball court and a Ranchon. Please continue to pray for them and their ministry in Managua as it grows and develops. Since we know that there is no way that we could do this trip on our own strength, we would appreciate your prayers

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would go ahead of us and soften the hearts of those who will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that our team can provide the Encouragement, Hope and Love that these kids are thirsting for.
  • Pray that He would bless us and enlarge our territories.
  • Pray that His hand be with us, and keep us from harm so that we will be free from pain.
  • Pray that we put all of our trust in Him.
  • Pray that many will come to know the saving grace and hope of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that we will be able to serve with energy and love.
  • Pray for team unity.
  • Pray for safety and health during the trip.
  • Pray for flexibility to adapt to cultural differences and schedule changes.
  • Pray for openness to God's leading and lessons.
  • Pray for a servant attitude and willingness to learn.
  • Pray for a blessed fellowship with the people of Nicaragua.
  • Pray that an impact will be made that glorifies God.
  • Pray that each person on our team develops two new relationships.