Day 2

We spent the Sabbath enjoying the good life – Nica style. Greg kicked off the day at 7:15 am leading devotions focused on Bible references to teamwork. (Greg is aware of some sort of sporting event going on in Germany and laments our lack of access to TV coverage of that event.)

At 8:00 am we departed for a worship service at the Nicaragua Christian Academy; the NCA service is in English and is primarily attended by local missionaries and their visiting support teams. Immediately after the NCA service we left for Managua where we attended a Spanish language service at the Managua Verbo church. It was interesting to compare the different styles of the two services. The NCA service was a scaled down version of a typical MPPC service; it included enthusiastic but orderly hymn singing and a thoughtful message centered on interpretation of scripture. The obvious highlight of the Verbo service was the contagious heart-felt joy of pure worship that filled room. There was much singing, spontaneous dancing, and waving of banners celebrating Jesus Christo, el Salvador.

After a brief tour of Managua and lunch at a modern mall (which just happened to have a large-screen TV showing the aforementioned sporting event), we returned to El Salero. The afternoon was spent playing frisbee, basketball, and hammock sitting (a national pastime in Nicaragua). We also got to watch the local soccer league championship game which was played on the El Salero field. It is great to see how, in three short years, El Salero has become the center of this local community -- where kids of all ages come to enjoy games and fellowship in a Christ-centered environment!