Day 3

Hi family and friends,

Thank you for all your continued prayers for health and safety! This morning started out with Chris opening us up with a devotion, reminding us of the blessings that we are experiencing here in Nicaragua. Not only are we getting to know our team more intimately, but we are also getting to know our hosts and some of the locals that come to use the sports facility. It’s a real joy to experience all of the local children and young people who come to use the sports facility, and to see the fun that they have playing soccer, pick-up basketball or volleyball.

Today was our first real day of manual labor. We started out by pulling weeds, cleaning and picking up garbage and left over cement pieces from a previous project on the baseball field. The infield of the baseball diamond needed weeding and dragging. Brooks, Halle, and Amanda did the dragging while Mark, Cheryl and Elke did a lot of the weeding. By 4:00pm the field was close to looking professional for this coming weekend’s tournament game.

In the meantime Chris, Sam, Jenny and Laura were also weeding and picking up debris in other parts of the outfield. The stronger men were picking and sledge hammering out concrete fence posts that had chain link fence concreted into it. That was quite a job for Dennis, John, Shiloh, Mitchell, and Greg and then later on came Thomas to help with some fresh muscles. We were covered from head to toe in dirt and happy about all the progress that we had made in one day. Some of the our team even had enough energy to play some soccer with the local boys and also start a volleyball game with another mission team that is staying in the area.

WOW!!! What an awesome day God has blessed us with: hard work, good food, (thank you to our cooks) and great fellowship. And some great creepy-crawly critters that we found while digging in the dirt. And of course sometimes we had to take a quick break just to play with the kids that were curious about what we were doing. We’ve also been blessed with great weather, so far no rain.

God Bless you all and we look forward to sharing many more stories of the wonderful ministry that Cathy and Halle and Amanda and Thomas are doing here.