Day 4

Today we woke to the sounds of many different animals – roosters (who, by the way, don’t know what time it is) crowing, dogs barking, all types of birds singing. If we didn’t know it, we would think we were in a jungle. After breakfast, Jenny lead us in morning devotions with a passage from Philippians, reminding us that our strength comes from God and encouraging us to press on with the work that He has set before us (despite our sore muscles).

With those words of wisdom most of us headed to the baseball field to continue working on it. We moved rocks and debris, cut down weeds, aireated the infield so new grass could be planted, and made preparations for a new fence. Shiloh even got to burn down a wasp nest that was in a tree hanging over the right field fence. The sun was hot but we pressed on. While we were working on the field, Elke and Chris were busy trimming all the shrubs at the entrance to El Salero, while Cheryl and Laura painted poles Dodger blue for the new fence.

In the afternoon, we had a strong rain storm which lasted for about 1 hour which gave us some hammock time before we continued our work. After the storm, Shiloh, Elke and Laura played games with the kids in the ranchon, while the rest of us continued our work at the baseball field. The kids’ smiles are such a joy to see. At 4:00 sharp, there was even a group of boys waiting for Greg to stop working so he would play soccer with them. They call him “Michael Ballack” (the German soccer star) or simply “Gringo”.

Even though we didn’t get as much accomplished as we would have liked because of the storm and power outage, God blessed us during the day getting to know our team mates and our hosts. God is so good.