Day 6

Hi, friends, and family! It’s been another super day here in Nicaragua. We started the day out at the Ranchon with another tasty breakfast and warm fellowship. Laura shared some thoughts on injustice – God’s displeasure with it, and yet ultimately He will have the final say and victory. After breakfast we teamed up to accomplish a number of jobs around the sports facility…garbage collection – John and Mark, composting – Samantha and Shiloh, filling in a big hole for a French drain – Elke and Greg, painting and more painting – Laura and Cheryl, grading – Mitchell and Mark, grass removal for the creation of a warning track for the baseball field – Chris, Dennis, Jenny, computer installation – John. All under the direction of our host and “general manager,” Halle.

We then did something very rewarding. We cleaned up and went over to the “school room” where Halle’s wife Kathy runs a 3-day-a-week preschool, and 2-day-a-week feeding program. Wow, what a blessing this ministry is to the children in this community. We arrived just before lunch to see children in groups of about 6-8 sitting with a “teacher” and reading big picture books. Then singing songs. That was the ending of the morning preschool. The children then lined up for handwashing, and then took a seat at a table – about 40 kids today. This was soon followed by a hot lunch and plenty to eat. What happy faces and loved children in that room. We saw the heart of ministry in action– and the heart of our hosts, Kathy and Amanda. Feeding and educating, and thanking Jesus with the children all the while.

Well, unfortunately, we only stayed about an hour, so that left us a few more hours to climb back into our work clothes and take on that grass removal for the baseball warning track…you know, it seemed to us that just 10 yards away was a soccer field where Halle is trying his hardest to get green grass to grow, and here we are shoveling out perfectly good grass to put in a big 15 foot wide dirt path?!? We think Halle is conflicted and maybe needs to spend some time in a hammock to think this thing through!!! Halle we love ya’, and hope you get well soon!

By the way, in the afternoon a few of our team helped Amanda out in the library/computer room where children are learning the basics of the computer, and reading and playing games.

The day ended as each has so far, with a fantastic Nica dinner, laughter and stories around the tables, games and more laughter in Kathy and Halle’s home. Tomorrow is our last day of work (grass removal, grass mowing, grass growing on the infield), and a trip to the market for some shopping. We’ll give you the details as they come. We love you all, and thank you for your continued prayers – Buenas noches from Managua!