Day 7

Coming to the end of our trip we are finally used to the strange sounds and smells of Nicaragua. The dogs barking and roosters crowing don’t keep us up anymore, although the occasional sound of a mango dropping on our roof still makes us jump out of our beds.

We began our day with a delicious breakfast casserole by Kathy, and devotions led by Shiloh. He read out of Philippians 2, and reminded us that we ought to be like Jesus and have a servant’s mind set. After breakfast we were off to our last day of work at El Salero. It was with mixed emotions that we began our work, excitement that we only had a few more hours of manual labor left, yet sadness that we had to leave this beautiful place and people. Mark and John gassed up the lawnmowers and attacked the baseball infield and outfield, while Laura and Cheryl…yep you guessed it…painted. :-) The Elkenator and Gregario put the finishing touches on the French drain, while the rest of the group trudged to the outfield to keep digging up grass for the warning track. Unfortunately the clouds were no where to be seen today, and the sun was bright and hot. But we were lighthearted and played some “thinking” (I like coffee but not “t”) games as we worked.

Lunch came quickly and then we showered and were off to the market to check out the hammocks and buy gifts for the family at home. We got to practice our Spanish while bargaining with the locals, and checking out the goods. No one came home empty-handed!

Tonight we also helped out with the youth group meeting that occurs every Friday night. With a group of about fifty (ages 15-25), we began with music and games. It was great fun as we all got to mingle with the locals in a fun atmosphere. After games, the group met in the Ranchon and Shiloh spoke (through a translator) about finding “the way, the truth, and the life”. With flashes of “relampago” (lightning) in the background Shiloh brought the Word! Afterwards, we ate snacks and mingled with the Nicas. It was a full day of work and exciting new places and people!