Russian Flag

Day 2

Day 2Today we went to the orphanange. We met at 7:30 for breakfast and devotionals. We opened with prayer and then started discussing our job descriptions. We read Luke 4:16-19, Jesus reading from Isaiah 61 in the Old Testament what his job description was and how he wants us to do our job. After breakfast we loaded up the van with our 800 (+) lbs of baggage and headed to the orphanage; it's about 3 hours south east of Moscow. We stopped in a town halfway at a McDonalds for some refreshments and off we go again. We arrive at the orphanage about 1:30 pm. The children are waiting at the gate to greet us. WOW- they rush us as we get off the bus with hugs and hellos. We greeted old and new friends. We are then given green ribbons or blue ribbons signifying the teams we are on...the green ribbons are cowboys and the blue ribbons are coszaks. We have lunch and then we are shown our rooms. At 5 pm opening ceremonies for the camp begin. The camp theme is friendship. There was dancing, singing, tests of talent and some skits. After opening ceremonies we had dinner. We ended the day in the children's room for prayer. We formed a circle with the children and shared with them our excitement for the days to come. We hugged each one tight and wished them sweet dreams. We ended the day with a team prayer and headed to bed with excitement for tomorrow.