Russian Flag

Day 2

Day 3Saturday, our first full day in Ribnoe, started with a game before breakfast and then off in the bus to Ryazan.  Ryazan is a city about 30 minutes away where our four translators attend a Teaching University.  We went to a museum for Ivan Pavel (aka Pavlov – dog experiment) who was the first Russian nobel peace prize winner.  The kids seemed very interested, though us Americans weren’t really sure what Pavel did as we laughed and discussed later.  The bus ride and walk to the museum was the highlight as we squished into seats with kids and played silly games and held their bobbing heads as they slept.

Back home for “dinner” (aka lunch) their biggest meal and then nap for the kids. The team headed into our storage room to unpack all the 10 bags and get ready for crafts.  Already kids asked about “crafting” so excited for their favorite time.  After sports and supper we finally had crafts and there was a calm, peace and excitement as the kids beaded, colored, and painted.  Their minds intently focused on what they were creating and definitely looking for our satisfaction in their work.  After crafts it was time for bed and “maletza” (prayers) and time to wish them sweet dreams.  Even the older kids came to receive hugs.  Some give quick hugs and others much longer and sweeter - all their precious little bodies craving for some touch and we don't mind letting Christ's love flow through us.  How can you not hope "Nadezdah" for and love these precious children.

As I go to sleep the words of "Photo, photo, Robin, Lori, Please.... (Pajhulsta), Russia, Look, Watch me, Bob, Sponge Bog, Spaseba (Thank you), Debbie, Privyet (hello), photo, photo...." and the thoughts of their smiling faces and hands to hold lull me to sleep.