Russian Flag

DAy 4

It is a beautiful sunny day in Russia. Today is the Greek Olympics!

Robin gets his team to go into breakfast first by answering questions on the olympics, being fed the right answers by one of our translates of course!

Breakfast is perfect because even if the breakfast is a little odd, like the insides of hot dogs, laughing with the kids makes it wonderful.

Before the olympics we played a rousing game of duck duck goose, which was a fun way to bond with the little kids. It was different because the kids made up new rules as they went along, but that just made it a good lesson in adaptation.

Two of the older boys opened the olympics as zeus holding a torch and being pushed by hermes in a child's electric jeep. Some of the older girls did a beautiful greek dance and raised the flag. We had a pentathlon consisting of running, long jump, jump roping, darts, and frisbee. Bob and Robin won several prizes and Ruth came in first place at darts. The prizes were bars of chocolate.

Kickball was a hit when we played after lunch. It was fun playing a sport we knew all the rules to and did not spend the entire time being confused, but it was very funny to watch the kids being confused.

In crafts each kid painted a t shirt for themselves. We loved seeing how creative they were. Bob was the lanyard king and could start even the hardest lanyard in the book.
Lori spent most of the day on the drama activity and it was wonderful.

The older kids helped lead everyone in Russian worship songs and we had a hilarious balloon contest. Ruth's inspirational testimony made both the kids and adults cry. A skit on the woman at the well drove home the theme of similarities and differences.

We are so thankful to have such a lovely day in our memories. We wish all our families, friends, and sponsors could be here to have enjoyed it. We pray for another sunny day tomorrow when we go to the lake for swimming and Russian barbecue!