Russian Flag

Day 7

Day 7Today was rainy and blustery, probably what everyone thinks Russia is like all of the time. We took a short excursion to the village of Sergey Yessenin, a famous Russian poet who lived in the early 20th century. They village has preserved homes and a school that show what life was like for Russian peasants of the era. Suffice it to say that houses were small and uncomfortable. After the excursion, we had a long craft day. With the rainy weather, the kids were happy to hang out, make bead necklaces and just listen to the music on the CD player. After dinner, we had a girls party and a boys party. The girls had makeup and hair dressing sessions, and of course snacks.

The boys spent a half hour putting on gruesome tattoos of bullet holes, open wounds, cuts, scrapes etc. Amazingly, even the older boys were enthralled with the tattoos. They also had snacks and a questions and answer session where they asked the Americans questions about their lives. Many of the questions are quite insightful. A consistent questions is why we come to visit them, and we had the opportunity to tell them about God's love in many ways. Finally, the adult men had a sauna party. This is a unique cultural event and a great opportunity to minster to the adult staff. There are very few men who work at the orphanage, because the pay is so low. They ones who do, do so out of compassion for the kids. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with them and get to know them better.