Russian Flag

Day 8

We met for devotionals at 8 and talked about God’s love for us and our goal for the day was to see how God’s love is at work in everything we do.

After Breakfast we load up into van and bus and head to Ryazan for an excursion to the Kremlin there (fort).  Ryazan was established in 1095 and served as an outpost for the border of Russia and was the first defense against marauding nomadic tribes.  It was destroyed a couple of times.  We toured the museum and it was very interesting viewing relics that dated back to the 14th century.  We also watched the archaeological dig of an old home that was buried about 15 feet below the surface.

After the trip to the Kremlin some went to the store and shopped for American day and some came back to the orphanage.  At the orphanage they had lunch, the kids went for nap time and Lori and Ruth set up for the crafts that day.  (Picture cubes).

Bob, Debbie, Robin and Carolyn got back with the food for American day and helped Lori and Ruth set up for the crafts.

Crafts took a long time because of the printing of pictures for the kids.  The other crafts were painting star boxes and beads. 

After dinner we head down for dinner.  We had a drama and the theme was the lost sheep, and Robin shared with the kids how God is working in his life now. 

After drama some of the older boys and girls had a rousing game of keep away from Bob Robin and Debbie.  The kids have such tremendous energy and it is fun playing with them and connecting.  Hopefully God’s love is overflowing from us and pouring over the kids.
We end the evening with prayers.  Anzheala leads the girls in prayer and everyone wishes the kids sweet dreams.  Four of the girls are leaving tomorrow so we prepare there gift bags and present them after prayers.

The boy’s prayer is lead by Bob and just being thankful for the day, the friends and American Day tomorrow.  Everyone is wished sweet dreams and we meet for planning the American Day events.