Russian Flag

Prayer Letter


Please Pray;

  • Safety and smooth travels as we travel to/from Russia and go on field trips with the kids.
  • The kids.  That their heart's are prepared to hear God's word. 
  • That we as a team are open and listening to God's direction; being willing to make changes and truly hear His voice.
  • The kids.  That they can see how unique and special they are, and catch a glimpse of God's love for them.
  • That we put aside our own expectations and focus on Christ and His desire for this camp.
  • The kids.  That they can experience true friendship and care from us.
  • That we can be role models and friends to the Russian staff as we minister to the kids together.
  • The kids.  That they have fun, and can just laugh and create new, great memories.
  • Flexibility, patience, and grace with each other as a team, as well as all others we work with and get to know.
  • The kids.  That change starts to occur within Russia so orphans are not looked down upon and that more kids have dreams of a great future.  That more kids attend university/technical schools, and that Russia creates new jobs, providing opportunity and other choicesthan alcoholism and poverty.
  • That we as a team encounter God and see Him in each of the kids.