Russian Flag

Day 5

This morning after breakfast, five team member worked on getting gift bags going. These gift bags are for the staff and children.

The gift bags for the ladies have lotions, candles, coin purses (with a Turkish carpet design, etc. The girls gift bags are similar without the candles.

The gift bags for the men have razors and after shave lotion, and the boys bags have underwear, socks, etc.

For a craft, the children have been decorating bags. This can include crayon and felt-tip marker drawings, and decals. The decorated bag may have a Christmas theme to abstract art.

Three team member accompanied a group of children to the City of Re'zon which is approximately a 20 minute bus ride. Local children put on a Christmas program in a beautiful hall.

The program included classically trained young ladies and men. There were ballerinas, a Santa clause, and songs and dances for the young children to participate in. The Children really enjoyed their time at this event. The host provided a snack for our party.

We did crafts with the kids for a short while in the late afternoon.

Around 7 pm the men attended sauna with the male staff members of orphanage. It was a good time of visiting with the host.

The ladies held a party for the teenage girls. This included soft-drinks, ice cream, cookies, and chips. There was hairstyling which was a big hit.