Russian Flag

Day 6

This morning we woke up to a bit warmer weather (around -4 degrees F) and with about a half an inch of new snow.  All of the snow covered trees and clean white landscape was simply stunning.  Today on the agenda was a puppet show in the town of Ryazan with some of the children.  Here in Russia, Santa Claus is many times accompanied by his granddaughter so she is a frequent figure in plays and stories.  There was some singing, dancing and light competition activities for the kids before entering the theatre.  The puppet show lively with ornate puppets and beautiful costumes for the human characters.  For future reference, if one plans to take a little cat nap during the puppet show, it would be wise to sit in the back row or else one might make an unintended acting debut.

The evening activities included sauna time for the women and a boy’s party for the males.  The women of the group enjoyed the time bonding with the staff and the translators and feel they could seamlessly incorporate this activity in their lives (well, most of them anyway).  The boy’s party centered on a question and answer session where the boys were invited to write down questions for the men in the group to answer.  The theme of many of the questions was why we kept coming back to the orphanage and why we like to be around the kids.  It was a good time of male bonding and provided an opportunity for us explain our calling.  The day ended with another filling meal and kids prayer time.