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Day 2

We started the day with an adventure in the shower room where the water pulsated between hot and cold , and boy was that cold water cold.

After getting all spiffy, we gathered for our morning devotional, reading John 13: 34-35, the main theme being love one another, showing community as a group so that our actions would be recognized by the staff and the kids as loving and kind.

We then headed off to breakfast. After breakfast we went and visited the little kids, age 3-6. Bob read a story about a hedgehog and his new hat. Initially the kids sat neatly in rows on the floor, but by the end of the story they were all at his feet getting as close as they could to look at all the pictures in the book. It seemed to be a great success. Carl was a big hit in acting out the story with his plastic hedge hog and animal friends.

We then pulled out the play dough and cookie cutters and showed them how to use them. They squealed with delight. They finished up with lots of stickers, space ships for the boys and castles and queens for the girls.
We then attended the final ceremony for the kids end of school where they got lots of awards for good studies and excellent behavior.

The rest of the day is going to be for our first drama, the story of Joseph, and then krafts for the older kids.

At 6 there is a pre dinner disco and 7 dinner. The best part of the day is prayers with the kids. We go and visit all the families and pray with them. We will have updates later in the week.

God Bless to all,