Russian Flag



Day 2

It’s New Year’s Eve– a holiday that in Russia surpasses Christmas in magnitude of celebrations.  (“S novim godom!” “Happy New Year!)  Also, we’re settling into life around the orphanage and beginning to get to know the kids.  Today we kicked off our day with relays and races outdoors in the snow (at least it isn’t TOO cold this winter).  We also spent some time chasing the little ones around outside and enjoying the fresh air.

Next up was our second installment of our drama about Joseph and his brothers – we Americans recruited some kids to join in the fun and perform for their peers.  Also, Vielka did a GREAT job sharing her story for the kids and staff to hear.

We proceeded on to crafts – a big hit!  The kids created sand art and cardboard fish (can’t wait to show you pictures!).  We then spent awhile stopping by each family unit to wish the kids and staff a Happy New Year and to sample some of the tasty New Year’s cuisine the kids had prepared.  The family units were super hospitable and forced lots of tasty food on us.

Tonight it’s New Year’s celebrations for our team and gearing up for another great day tomorrow in 2009!  Thanks for praying for us, and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you when we return.