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DAy 4

New Year's Day!
The orphanage staff had shared with us the kids try and stay up all night to celebrate the new year. So are daily activities started at 4 PM. Our team however got up at 9 am and proceeded to pray over the day. We then started preparing the hospitality bags for the children, care givers and staff. We are so blessed by the donations that we have received as we have lots of underwear, socks, toothbrushes, school supplies, beanie babies, games, warm gloves, warm hats, and wonderful puppets this year to distribute. Thank you all for your support.

Next we prepared for Drama, the continuation of the story of Joseph. After drama we did crafts with the kids, the Mardi Gras masks were a big hit. At the same time crafts were going on, Bob was up in the gym with a few boys playing rousing games of basketball and soccer.

We ended the day as we do every night, going to each family and praying with them and giving them good night hugs. We asked the kids if they knew why we Americans were here and they responded "Yes, because you care and you are sharing God's Love".