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Day 5

Words for this day – sweet, fun, touching, perfect. God is here!! Just in case you didn’t know :)

What a day, so full of many things and great times getting to know kids better. We started out the morning with our devotional and team prep time before dinner. I had been a little frustrated in not getting some one-on-one time with kids and so had been lifting this up to God, and He brought many great surprises We had sports which we are finding out is too early to have planned for the kids – so we as as a team with the translators decided to do the silly pop-the-balloon relay ourselves. Kids peeked in the door, saw us laughing and being silly, and joined in. From there we went to drama where we heard more about Joseph and learned about his time in prison and the dreams he could interpret. We had 5 caregivers join the time too which is wonderful to see these adults interested and listening to God’s words. Bob also shared his testimony, and the kids and adults seemed to understand well. I then decided I needed a break from everything, so I took a little time to pray and then went shopping for soda and chips for the girls’ party tonight. On my way back I was invited to join two of the teenage girls on the ice skating rink. My feet were too big for their skates J so I just walked around on the ice, we tried to talk, and just enjoyed each other’s company. At the same time the craft room was going with so many fun items and tons of kids. Also at this time Julie had a chance to talk and walk with one of the teenagers she had bonded with on her last trip. So many great opportunities.

After setting up for the girls’ party I walked down the hallway and back to our room. I was so happy and surprised as I came around a corner, there were kids all over the floor and couch playing games. The team had brought out many of the board games, and kids of all ages along with the translators and team – were laying around comfortable and happy. What a relaxing, fun time of God this was. Totally unplanned, and totally blessed.

Jeff and I also had a chance to have tea and talk with the psychologist Oleg. He gave us a bit more understanding about the foster care starting in the region along with hearing how some of the graduates are doing.

The end of the day was men's sauna for the men, and girls' party for the women. We had a time of Q&A with the girls and staff, and then time for manicures, make-up and hair styling. And always this was followed by prayers with each family.

Over the last few days we have asked for prayer requests from the kids for the new year. They range from “I want a bratz doll”, “to visit America ”, “to “Good health to all” and “I want to be found by my mom and taken by her forever.” One of the oldest boys signed his name and here are his touching words “I want to wish you the best: love and health. I want everybody to be in harmony and understand each other. I want there to be always kindness and justice. God Bless You. The student of the 11th Class. Scatchkov Andrey. I Love You!” What a wise child, what a great prayer for all.

God Bless this New Year and each of you as you pray for us,