Russian Flag



Day 6

Today we went sight seeing in the small village of Konstantinovo. Konstantninovo is the village where Russia Poet Sergey Esenin grow up before he became famous. Well, there we saw a beautiful church, the Statue of Sergey Esenin, we visited the house where his mistress lived. There behind the church was a beautiful river that was somewhat snowed over and frozen.

Well, we were there Stacey, Dominique, Jeff & Lori Veilka and Carl went on a sled ride with a horse and the trainer the cost in American Money was $1.66 person. After the tour of the village we proceeded to a local market to buy food for the staff appreciation dinner the next day.

Shortly after we had returned we had women's sauna night. Women's sauna night is where the American woman from our team and the woman from the staff of the orphanage meet in the sauna room for a dinner, we played games and got to know each better better. We had a great time. During sauna night Lori, Julia and Stacey went into the spa room, the sauna was not working properly but we had fun anyway.