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Day 7

After breakfast and devotional, we were going to start the sports activities. But the we started talking with the teenagers and continued talking for the next hour.

One young man who claimed the night before not to believe in God, said that he really did believe in God. But that he had wondered why God allowed the trials he had gone through to happened.
Two team members talked with him and established a good relationship with the young man.

Then we started the sports program in the gym - basketball.
The teams grew in numbers every few minutes as more kid joined in.
The players seems to enjoy themselves.

After wards, there was faith lesson and testimony. A skit was performed about Joseph, Mary, and Jesus be warned to flee to Egypt for safety from King Herod. Anther lesson was given about the pressures of the world and God being with us during these times. An Egg was placed in jar or water. The egg represent a person going through a trial.

The jar represents the world, and the water repesents the trail.
The egg starts at the bottom of the jar being held down by the water- the trail. Salt is added - representing God. The egg then floats.
This is a picture of a person being in the same situation, but is not being held down when the Lord is involved.

Next were arts and crafts.

Then lunch.

Then a puppet show to two grounps of young children.
We used animal puppets and showed the children that each animal had different strengts that were valuable.

Next were putting the gifts bags for the childrend and staff.
Some of the gifts were wallets, underware, flower pens, etc.

Then we attended an employee apprciation dinner that for the staff.
There was good food, toast, and singing.

Next were the good night prayers with the children.

Then back to finishing up the gift bag to be giveout the next day.

Then we called it a day.