Russian Flag



Day 8

Today was our last day and good bye to all the kids and staff at the orphanage.

We started out the day with devotions and breakfast. Then we all went in to our "hospitality room" and finished getting the gift bags ready for everyone. We brought them all into the cafeteria where everyone was ready to receive. Valeria, the orphanage director, gave some kind words to our team and our continued relationship with the orphanage. And we all received some great chocolates as presents :)

Then we handed out all the gifts as a "small token" of our appreciation for all the staff does, and for the precious time we had with the kids. We hope the biggest gift we give is our friendship and sharing God's love. After this ceremony many of us finished up packing - and then hung out in the hallways with the kids. Most of the kids were heading to Moscow for the afternoon/evening to see some of the christmas lights, so they were waiting for the bus. It was a nice time for hugs and final good-byes.

Then we had lunch, finished up packing, loaded up the bus when it came and off we went to Moscow. Once there we quickly dropped off our bags and headed out (all bundled up of course) to get some Russian dinner. Then back for some time of prayers and debriefing and finally to bed....sooooo tired and blessed with quiet rooms and great showers. Tomorrow we tour Red Square and a few other places. See you all soon. God Bless!